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Robert's new book is now available directly through our ministry!


It is also being prepared for world-wide distribution and our publisher has given us a release date for November 20, 2023!

We are about to experience a new spiritual dimension of glory that will unleash all the glorious treasures of heaven!

Position yourself now that you may participate in this next great move of God!

Webster defines a "paradigm shift" as "an important change that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way." The church has experienced several such "shifts."

Dynamic outpourings have always begun with prophetic promptings, which initiate the spiritual transformation from an established and acceptable reality to the establishment of a new, fresh, and dynamic spiritual way. We stand on the brink of another such extravagant outpouring of God's Divine Presence.

This powerful new book will open the eyes of your heart to the coming lavish and global manifestation of glory!

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Order your copy of Robert's book on living in God's Glorious Presence today!

The Altar of His Presence has already become a best seller and has inspired so many people to experience an intimate encounter with the Glory of God!


In this book, Robert lays out a revelatory blueprint for you to take your intimacy with God to new, marvelous and wonderful levels.

You will:

  • Receive new revelation of how the biblical concept of the altar is a blueprint for you to experience the Holy Spirit more deeply.

  • Gain new clarity in following the Holy Spirit’s leading.

  • Experience deep spiritual fulfillment as you learn to fellowship with God on a more personal level.

  • Enter into greater depths of worship where you can witness God’s glory more powerfully.

This New Covenant revelation of the altar invites you into fresh encounters with God’s presence!

Our Prayer


We pray that the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit will flow into your life as you experience His majesty and glory through these books. Once you experience the Holy Spirit on a new level, you, like Enoch, will find yourself exploring new dimensions of God's glorious goodness, grace and glory.

Our Mission


Robert and Susan Stone has served in the Lord’s Church as teachers, pastors, missionaries and crusade evangelists since 1977. They continue to lead people into greater spiritual development by helping them experience and embrace the Holy Spirit’s manifest Presence and power. They continue to teach and train others through their preaching, writing, teaching and training seminars.

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